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Actress Marili Mejias – A producers dream

Actress Marili Mejias – a producer’s dream

    Marili built her skills, training, and gained experience here in Maryland and also in New York City, Washington DC and Pennsylvania . Marili does see obstacles for females in the independent film community. Most female roles are submissive or supporting roles. Marili understands that every audition and networking connection is important. The Bronx, New York actress is a product of an Army life, so she is use to change of scenery and adapting to new situations.

    What Marili loves most about the state of Maryland is that everywhere you turn their is a film project you can be a apart of. Marili has taken part in short and full length feature films like Kevin Tan’s “Seeking Closure”,  Li Peng Zhangs “The Last Kung Fu Monk“, “Step Up” and “Step Up 2: The Streets”. Marili appreciates the work of Michelle Rodriquez, Roselyn Sanchez, Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Loren, Rita Moreno, Dania Ramirez, Charlize Theron, James Cameron, and Stuart Townsend. Her focus in 2011 is on the New York market. Marili just recently played dual roles in Alvin Gray’s feature film “Senior CUT Day: The Movie“. You can learn more about actress Marili Mejias Marili is everything a film producer looks for in an actress.

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