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Press for the Independent Feature length Horror/Comedy film [FANG]

Big Daddy Horror Reviews



Hot off the heels of
the Fright Night remake starring Colin Farrell comes Fang, a new horror comedy that you can sink your teeth into directed & produced by Jonathan Boushell. In Fang, Barry and his two buddies know something is up with his new neighbors, but what exactly is going on? Instead of just leaving well enough alone, they put their noses where it doesn’t belong and stumble upon a horrible evil and unknowingly unleash it upon their town where all hell breaks loose.

Starring Charlie Dreizen (Witch’s Brew [2011]), Dominique Spencer (They Walk) and Kyle Richmond (Gone Forever), Fang is looking to make its stake in the micro budget world this fall by giving horror fans what they crave in a vampire film – blood sucking vampires! Also, make sure to check out the trailer down below.

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Source: Jonathan Boushell



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