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I LIKE HORROR MOVIES Press Release for the Independent Feature length Horror film THE SERPENT’S TONGUE

I Like Horror Movies

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Press Release: The Serpent’s Tongue

Bad Lemon Productions Completes
The Serpent’s Tongue
A new psychological horror film by John Shade

LOS ANGELES, CA – June 14th, 2011 – Bad Lemon Productions, in association with Film On Fire, is pleased to announce the completion of principal photography on its new psychological horror film, THE SERPENT’S TONGUE.

The Serpent’s Tongue stars Nicolette LeFaye (President’s Day, The Chainsaw Sally Show), features Andrew Roth (15 til Midnight, Aversion & T.V.’s The Wire) and introduces Ashley DeVoe as Simone.

When Simone and her best friend, Star, discover an old chest, it reveals Simone’s secret family history, one of black magic and murder. Taking a necklace from the chest as her own, Simone soon realizes that a voice from the necklace is whispering promises that are too tempting to ignore and she finds that the choices of right versus wrong and good versus evil are not as clear as they once were. Succumbing to the seduction of the necklace, she must choose whether or not what she’s been promised is worth the price of betrayal and murder. As Star discovers the truth about the changes in Simone, she realizes that saving her friend may result in her losing the one thing she has always wanted.

The Serpent’s Tongue is Produced, Written and Directed by John Shade. It will be released in the SUMMER of 2011.

The Red Band Trailer can be viewed here:

A PG-13 Trailer can be viewed here:

More information about Bad Lemon Productions and The Serpent’s Tongue, including the original Teaser Trailer, can be found at our official website:



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