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Filming for the Independent Short Crime Thriller Bite The Hand


I know its been awhile but for good reason πŸ™‚ But onto the post!

As I told you all before my hiatus, I was cast as a Featured Extra “Thug #2” in the Short Crime Thriller Bite The Hand alongside the homie/talented actor Delano Walters, who plays the Featured role of “Thug #1” in the film, along with MakeUp Artist Kwame Head, who plays Thug #3. The shoot went extremely well. Even though what was slated as a 4 hour shoot turned into a grueling 8-9 hour shoot (Rule #1, In film, you will never start/end on time, remember that!,lol), I wouldn’t have changed anything! From Guerilla style filming allday, jumping from illegal location to illegal location, choreographing 1-4 minute fight scenes on the spot and executing them with everything we had, and a more than solid performance by the lead actor in the film by Jay Saunders, what more could I have asked for on an Independent film! Not to mention Director Dylan Hintz and DP Habib Awan were on top of their game all day on set! The shots they got were incredible and I promise you as soon as I can get my hands on a new phone with a stronger camera or a nice digital camera, I promise Ill start taking more on set production photos πŸ™‚ Cant wait to see the finished product. For updates on this production check out the film’s Facebook page: 


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