SAG/AFTRA E. Actor Local Hire in: NY/ATL/VA/NJ/MD/PA/DE

Premiere for the Independent Short Drama film KIN on July 30, 2011


Hey everyone, the premiere for the Short Drama film KIN starring Director/Actor Barry Worthington and Delano Walters is this Saturday July 30, 2011 at The Ronald Regan Building in Washington, D.C at 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 550. In the film I play the role of 3-4. The film also features actors Heather Lasslett , Tim Davis, Alex Tercero and Makhail Rakitin. I won’t be able to make the premiere but just remembering all the dedication and commitment put into this production, it deserves all the praise in the world! I know that maybe a bit much but hey shoot me,lol. Barry Worthington is quite the talent folks and I’ve learned so much from not just him but from everyone on this set.Even the homie Michael Nannetti as DP (this guys incredible on the lens) I didn’t forget you. Can’t wait to hear from Barry how the film was received on everyone’s behalf involved in the film. I will update progress on this film accordingly. Stay Tuned!


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