SAG/AFTRA E. Actor Local Hire in: NY/ATL/VA/NJ/MD/PA/DE

Cast for the SAG Short Film Jump


Hey everyone, again I have been absent as of late BUT I’ve come back with some pretty good news. I have been cast in the SAG Short film Jump in the supporting role of Pierre, whom is the lead characters [Allan]’s best friend in the film. Principal photography is slated to begin in the second week of September. I definetly have to give thanks to Safidi Tyehimba (the producer on the film Jump) but she also worked on the production crew for the Feature length Independent Drama The Talented (This is the film I was cast in as the role of [Victor][more importantly the film where she got to see me act] alongside SharkNation talent Robert Mason, who played [Anthony] in the film) who isn’t just a great talent on the production side of film but also a good friend. Lets just say I wouldn’t have known about this audition if it wasn’t for her believing in my talent. Thank you for this opportunity. Not to the mention the rest of the cast and crew (well allow me to mention them), we have talents Caleb Jackson, Antoinette Greene-Fisher, a very young talent (I apologize for not remembering his name, but trust me, he’s good!), and Courtney Ferguson. I have not seen or met the lead Actor in this project BUT I have plenty reason to believe that he is quality talent!

In closing Im expecting alot from myself, the cast and the crew to make this film great! I have been waiting for another opportunity to display my talent on such a grand scale. And I am more than thankful for this moment in my life. Rehearsals begin next week, only 2 days before I leave for LA :). Please stay tuned for updates on this film as they are delivered.



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