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All In The Game has been selected into the RIFE [REEL INDEPENDENT FILM EXTRAVAGANZA]



Hey everyone, Just wanted to let you know, If you didn’t already know the film All In The Game, directed by Gary Ugarek starring  Nelson Irizarry, Micaiah Jones, Chris Clanton, Kelvin Page a.k.a Kelvin Drama, Daniel Ross, Mike McMullin, Vonn Harris, myself and many more has been selected to screen at the RIFE [REEL INDEPENDENT FILM EXTRAVAGANZA] October 22 at The Arc Theater in Washington, D.C! To say Im excited would be an understatement! This will be my very first film festival in which I performed in a speaking role. Big Thanks to Micaiah Jones and Gary Ugarek for making this all possible.

Here is more info on the project and how you can go about purchasing tickets to the event

Gary Ugarek’s walk in the world of Urban Gangster Drama depicts an East Baltimore drug crew vying to take over all of Baltimore City Drug trade, and they do it by dropping one body at a time.

Keeping with the brutal nature of Ugarek’s Zombie films, All In The Game brings the violence, and the Charm to Charm city.

All In The Game is pack with great talent, such as stars Micaiah Jones and Chris Clanton from HBO’s The Wire as well as Daniel Ross from Ninjas VS. Zombies and Transformers: The Game (Star Scream Voice)

Starring: Nelson Irizarry, Micaiah Jones, Chris Clanton, Kelvin Page, Daniel Ross, Mike McMullin, Vonn Harris, and Many more.

All In The Game is a WETNWILDRADIO Films production
Written and Directed by Gary Ugarek
Edited by Habib Awan
Cinematography by Seann Ikon and Habib Awan
Produced by: Jim Hefferman, Gary Ugarek, Nelson Irizarry and Daniel Ross.

The Show Starts at 7:00PM
Movie Runtime: 80 minutes
Contains Scenes of Strong Graphic Violence, Strong Language, and Sexual Situations


After the Show you can Grab your own DVD for $10.00 or the Blu-Ray for $15.00

Tickets can be purchased in advances through the RIFE Website at:

Or at the Door the night of the event. Seating is Limited and only one show will play.

    As always stay tuned for details on this project as they arise

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