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Washington D.C Examiner William Powell’s Q&A Feature on Actor Dominique Spencer

Washington D.C Examiner Writer ^ William Powell
Actor ^ Dominique Spencer

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Local actor-prenuer Dominique Spencer shows how to hustle

What’s up my fellow thespians! It’s time again for a Q&A with a local actor-prenuer I know we’ll be hearing a lot from, Dominique Spencer. Mr. Spencer is a hardcore hustler who chases roles faster than a Doberman Pinscher. This man is so busy…let me go ahead and use the rest of this column to showcase the films he’s appearing and how he got some much work!

Q – Tell me about your films, Kin, All In The Game, and Fang
Well thank you for having me here first and foremost; I’ll start with Kin which is a short Crime/Drama directed by Barry Worthington and also starring Barry Worthington as a man named Marky Johnson whose brother was murdered due to his involvement in the streets. But now Marky has returned to avenge his brother’s death by killing those responsible. In the film I play the role of 3-4, one of the gangsters who killed Marky’s brother. 3-4 is the logical one out of the crew, and he is also Nelson’s go to guy for information on the streets. He also makes a pretty penny shooting dice, which is where his nickname stems from.

All in The Game is a feature length Action/Thriller directed by Gary Ugarek about an East Baltimore drug kingpin who sets his sights on taking over the entire drug trade of the city, but he has to eliminate all of his competition… one at a time. In the film I play the role of the young, loud, and flashy drug dealer Flash.

Fang is a feature length Horror/Comedy directed by Jonathan Boushell. Fang is about three friends who break into their neighbors’ house to investigate their suspicious behavior and unknowingly unleash a horror upon their town that none of them could have ever imagined or prepared for. In Fang I play the role of the cautious, worrysome, best friend till the end, Pete. No matter what the extent of the situation all Pete wants to do is be with his boys Barry and Chuck no matter what, end of story.

Q – What attracted you to these projects?
What attracted me to Kin was the director. Not only is Barry Worthington an award winning film director but I had the pleasure of viewing his film, River Haven  and I thought it was sick! Not to mention that he hails from Towson University’s film program. And please allow me to tell you that Towson students know their stuff, trust me!

What attracted me to All In The Game was the trailer that I saw on the website! It was dope! The quality of the camera, the score, the dialogue, it was just incredible! But not just that, but also the talent that was onboard. A few names that I recgonized: actor/friend Micaiah Jones, Chris Clanton, Nelson Irizarry, Kelvin Drama and Director Gary Ugarek, just to name a few. Who in the DMV (District, Maryland and Virginia) area would pass up the chance to work with such a talented group of individuals!? Not me that’s for sure! I told myself when I saw the trailer that if an opportunity for me to get on this production presented itself that I would not pass it up, and I didn’t!

What attracted me to Fang was first, it was a Horror and a Comedy. Two genres in film that I feel pretty comfortable in so early on in my career. Also the fact that I fit the bill for so many roles. I can remember talking to a good friend of mine, Robert Mason and telling him that I fit the bill for like six roles! Knowing that is a lot more comforting going into an audition. Normally you may only see one or two roles that you may fit the bill for but six, that doesn’t happen quite often. And after watching Fright Night, of which the film is in the same vein, that made me want to be a part of the project that much more.

Q – Describe the Audition Process
Auditioning for Kin: Well you know how they say, “its who you know and not what you know”. Well that saying was so true as it pertained to how I was cast for Kin and All In The Game. With Kin, I have worked with actor/friend Delano Walters on a film before and it was through him I was introduced to Barry Worthington’s River Haven. After viewing the film I shot my information to Barry himself, networking to say the least. Sometime later Barry reached back out to me with a role proposal for an upcoming film, this film would be Kin. After several messages it was solidified, and I was cast in the role of 3-4. This was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. And I’ve thanked him hundreds of times for that opportunity since then.

Auditioning for All In The Game: With All In The Game it was a similar situation that occurred as is pertains to the auditioning process (well lack there of). I worked on another film with All In The Game actor/friend Micaiah Jones before and when the casting call for the role of Flash posted I IMMEDIATELY messaged him, just telling him, I want on! Lets do this! An hour or so later I received the phone call from director Gary Ugarek! I was stoked to say the least!

Auditioning for Fang: For Fang I actually had to audition. When I first looked at the sides I had a gut feeling that if I were to get cast that it would be in the role of Pete. Cautious, yet worrysome, a true friend, yeah I knew that was the role for me. But when I arrived I also read for the role of Chuck, who’s more of a smooth, bachelor type. I didn’t land that role obviously; that role went to actor/friend Charlie Dreizen. I read for Chuck once, and then I read for Pete. Jonathan told me to read again for Pete and the rest is history.

Q – How long have you been acting? And how long you have you been studying acting?
I have been acting for four years. But I have been studying acting for two years. I have studied acting at the Community College of Baltimore College in Essex, Maryland. I have attended various workshops in Maryland enhancing my knowledge on different acting techniques, and more recently under the instruction of SAG/AFTRA actors Ken Arnold and Dan Franko at Studio BOH in Baltimore, Maryland.

Q – Describe Your Acting Style
I would say my style follows the Stanislavski technique. One of the main reasons I like his technique is because you’re acting out from within. I love how his technique makes the portrayal of the character really intimate and personal. And when you make matters more personal you bring more natural elements into your portrayal of the character.

Q – But before we go, what is SharkNation?
SharkNation is an allegiance of actors that consist of of but not limited to: Tony Ellis, Robert Mason, Patricia Renderos, Kelvin Drama, Marlena Angelique, Charlie Dreizen, Joe Feldman, Edward K. Robinson and myself. We’re just a group of actors, producers, directors, and dreamers who never discourage but always encourage one another in our efforts to reach the highest point possible in our film careers. We know that with hard work, dedication, perseverance, and the continued support of our family and friends, no feat is impossible or better yet surmountable. Teamwork makes Dreamswork!

Q – Whats Next for you?
Well Kin has screened and was received very well. And it will be entering the festival circuit with Sundance, being just one of the many festivals it will be submitted to. If you haven’t seen the trailer for the film here it is: KIN Trailer

All In The Game will be premiering at the RIFE Film Festival in Washington D.C on October 22nd and will be submitted to many more festivals as well! If you havent seen the trailer check it out here at the films website:

Fang will be premiering in October/November of 2011 and will be submitted into the film festival circuit as well! If you have not seen the trailer for the film here it is:

And currently I am cast for the SAG Short film JUMP. The film is written and directed by Anthony J. Harper and stars: Timothy Gordon, Antoinette Greene-Fisher, Caleb Jackson, with Dominique Spencer, and Courtney Ferguson. Filming is set to begin September 8 in Annapolis, Maryland. This film will also have a screening and will be entered into the festival circuit as well when completed.

Thank you so much for this opportunity William, I cannot thank you enough

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