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Cast in the Independent Short Noir Film [The Cat]


Helloe everyone,

Last weekend I was cast in the Independent Short Noir film [The Cat] directed by Zach Myers. Whats crazy is is that I was supposed to audition for this film, I mean I had the sides and everything, but for whatever reason I couldn’t make it out to the audition. But here comes the kicker. Awhile ago I worked with filmaker Daniel Hess of ToTonyProductions ( his blog can be found here: ) on the short film [One Gun] and I did a solid job in my role, maybe a great job, idk. But when Everett needed an actor for his production at the last minute to fill the role he asked Daniel(assumption being made here) if he knew any actor that he felt could answer the call. Daniel brung up my name and thus here I am blogging to you, letting you know that if you do someone a solid on their project, they may refer you on another! #ImJustSaying, Thanks again Daniel Hess! I had a great shoot last weekend and I have another day until my character is wrapped. A great cast/crew is onboard for this project, and we’ll see how far this film can go! #StayTuned and Enjoy!


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