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Fang Premiere Pix – 12/9/11 at Towson University’s Van Bokkelen Hall


Hello everyone, last Friday was the long awaited premiere for Jonathan Boushell’s Independent Feature Length Horror/Comedy [Fang] starring Kyle Richmond Watson, Charlie Dreizen, and myself along with Nick Hanson, Colin Rhodes, Allyson Washington, Ryan Moiles, Shannon Vogt, Monique Curtis, Tony Ellis, and more at Towson University’s Van Bokkelen Hall! The premiere was fantastic! The crowd gave the film a huge round of applause, alot of the beats were hit, timing within the cast was on point, and the score laid down by Chris LaMartina was dope! It was night where I let tears fall but fuck it! It was bound to happen and I wouldn’t change a thing! Thanks again to the excellent cast/crew apart of this project and I honestly cant thank you enough, and to Towson University for screening the film! The film is now being entered into the film festival circuit and I couldnt be any happier!! It was seriously one of the proudest moments of my life, but its only the beginning so please #StayTuned and #Enjoy the pics below!




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