SAG/AFTRA E. Actor Local Hire in: NY/ATL/VA/NJ/MD/PA/DE

Character wrapped for Anthony Harper’s Drama SAG short film [Jump]


Hello everyone,

Just giving you guys an update on Anthony Harper’s SAG Dramatic short film [Jump]. The film stars: Gordon Timothy (Allen), Antoinette Fisher (Rivera), and Caleb Jackson (Nathan). Along with Courtney Fergusson (Maxine) and myself Dominique Spencer (Pierre). As of today I am now officially character wrapped for the film. Tho the film may still have 1 shoot day left or so(not sure, #DJM, lol) In the film I play the role of “Pierre” whom is the lead character in the film “Allen”s best male friend.

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work alongside such talented actors and just good people in general(Ima miss you 2! We gotta stay connected) in Gordon and Courtney, take direction from the talented Anthony Harper whose direction was not only spot-on but enhanced the film a great deal. Everyone came to set to with such a humbleness, professionalism, and a just plain ready to work attitude! And our crew was spot on! Knew every shot they wanted, if they didnt like the shot it was not forced but yet taken back to square one and the shot was reworked till they felt like they were ready to shoot. Gotta appreciate that, and I made sure I did not eat before my crew πŸ™‚ Thank you so much everyone (cast & crew) for having me in your prescence this morning and feeding me with those delicious Dunkin Donuts (I ate like 6 of them, lol)! The film is slated to screen this year! As always #StayTuned for updates pertaining to this production!


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