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Photo Stills of “Dominique Spencer” for David LaGarde’s Drama short film [Grace]

Hello everyone,

Below are select photo stills of myself(and some of the cast and crew as well) during principal photography of David LaGarde’s Drama short film [Grace] starring Ronald Benson (Carl) And Cheyenne Cummings in the title role (Grace). 2 very extremely talented actors and just downright good people. Twas my pleasure to be amongst such professionals within the craft. I had  great time working with both of them and would love to share the screen with either one of them again in my career in film/television. The photos were taken by none other than Ms. Gwen Cummings for GCPhotos. In the film I play the lead antagonist in the role of “The Shooter”. From what I have been hearing the film(as a whole, directing/editing/acting/etc) has been received very, VERY well, and tho I missed the 1st screening more are planned! When screening dates are upon us, I will be sure to let you guys know in case your in the area, and want to see a fantastic film πŸ™‚ Just cant thank my director David and my producer Becky enough for believing in me, as well as my fellow castmates: Ronald, Cheyenne, William, and Patrick – you all were just fantastic, it was truly my pleasure! Well here are some stills! #Enjoy and as always #StayTuned



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