SAG/AFTRA E. Actor Local Hire in: NY/ATL/VA/NJ/MD/PA/DE


Hello everyone,

Last Monday, July 16th, myself along with 5 other select cast members(Kimia Workman “Yara”, Samantha Trionfo “Sydney”, Charissa Williams “Abby”, myself, Dominique Spencer “Joseph Stragg”, Shane Messick “Lucas Graves” and Aaron C. Smith “Ezra Carter”) from Aaron C. Smith’s brand new drama webseries [Rebels and Rejects] via WPB radio! Not to mention we had the pleasure of being interviewed by none other than Kimia Workman, yep our own “Yara” is also a media personality! Check her out doing her thing on the WPB radio “90’s Play Lounge” Mondays from 10p.m-12p.m


“So how did the series originally start out? What are you guys up to outside of filming? What are your interests?” We got the footage from one of radio interviews at WPB Radio! We laughed, joked, and Shane Messick sung a song. LOL. Here it is for you to enjoy!


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