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Character wrapped as “Marcel” for Anthony Greene’s [Thick]

THICKHello everyone,

Our time has come to move on from one production to another. We are officially character wrapped! πŸ™‚ 😦 But I would say that I learned that much more about the craft and worked with an amazing team! The cast is extremely talented and the crew MAN they were on it!Β Its always a blessing to be challenged as an actor, whether its being given directions to following, hitting your mark countlessly, or even if your in a space and then you lose it … you gotta get that space back! You gotta remain in that zone!Β 

Acting is being … no matter the amount of lines you are given you are still there! I would to say thank you to the SkyRocket production team for having me onboard for their production “Thick” in which I will be playing the role of “Marcel“. And to the cast & crew who I worked alongside, man these guys & gals will blow you away! I cannot wait for all of you to see this production when its completed!Β So blessed to have been apart of this πŸ™‚ If you would to see the production via IMDB hit the link here:Β

As always thank you everyone for your constant time and support and #StayTuned

-Dominique SpencerΒ 


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