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Tableread for Harold Jackoson III latest feature film “Over There”



Hello everyone-

I know I’ve been absent for a bit but its been all for good reason –> #TRUSTme <–. Lets start with briefly discussing Harold Jackson III latest feature film #OverThereOver There“. In short this is one of the best scripts Ive read in my career thus far … Id like to compare it to a NaS verse … yeah that NaS. I say that because whenever I hear him spit a verse I can “see” what he’s saying in his bars … its like he’s painting a picasso verbally and when I tell you that is what Harold Jackson III did … I am not lying to you. Everything with the script works; the characters are layered with depth … the settings are befitting of its environment … and the many, many themes that can be withdrawn from this production are large! The story is fantastic, just fantastic! So many goodthings that I can say about this production. Likewise, alot of my potential castmates could say the same (that being tons of good things to say about the script). There were a lot of very VERY talented actors in the room along with myself and when I tell you that I am in some great company I AM! That I lie to you not! Some were familiar faces that I may have worked alongside in multiple productions, some I havent worked with at all but we all have 1 thing in common, we love our craft, and the passion is REAL.

I can’t say too much more than that but I will say this –> #staytuned and OH in the picture above are the actors and some of the production team members that were present at the tableread. Maybe youll see some familiar faces 🙂

Thank you so much everyone for your time and continued support #Love



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