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*New trailer for Gary Ugarek’s feature length Crime Thriller [All In The Game]/Also the film now has distribution


Hello everyone,

Here is the new trailer for Gary Ugarek’s feature length Crime Thriller [All In The Game]. The film stars: Chris Clanton, Micaiah Jones, Kelvin Page, Daniel Ross, Michael McMullin. Along with myself, and many more! In the film I play the role of “Flash”.

The trailer has been revamped by our distributors at: EyesWideOpenFilms. Also a street date has been set for the release of the film: October 16th! The film will be sold at retailers such as: Best Buy, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and many more!! Hope you enjoy the new trailer and also purchase a copy of the film online or in stores when the film is released!

VideoViews Film Review: Gary Ugarek’s [All In The Game]



Director: Gary Ugarek


Genre: Action/Crime/Drama

Year: 2012


Rating: NR

Ontario, Vince, Lucky and Littles, friends since birth, brothers till death. Coming from nothing they have begun to find themselves engaged in the ruthless Baltimore drug trade. They will stop at nothing to take control of it all, including taking out the most powerful mobster of the city – Michael Caprisci. As they systematically begin terminating the competition they have to engage a tangled yet simplistic plan to get Caprisci out of the game using of all people, his son Nicki, a slick, fast talker who prefers booze and women over his father’s lifestyle. In the end, Nicki’s drug problem will aid the group in bringing his father down. As the plan develops, Ontario finds out that some of his own rank and file are conducting business behind his back. He needs to send a message to let them know who is in charge, but when one of his closest allies ends up starting a war, he has to make a decision on what is more important, business or friendship. So as the war begins, who will win? Or in this game…is there really a winner? Thug Life is an in depth look into the world of street crime and those who rule the streets.

“Thug Life: All in the Game” is a very realistic and believable gangster film that keeps you at the edge of your seat the entire time. Most of us have no idea what it’s like to live the way these guys do and I’m sure we are grateful we don’t either but the film does a terrific job at showing us that way of life in a in your face and powerful way. The decision to shoot the film in black and white was a very good idea as it adds plenty of grit, mood and style to the story.

The story follows a “firm” on the streets of Baltimore as they attempt their way up the latter to claim more territory in a bold and brutal scheme. The film depicts these guys as relentless and without regard for human life, in some cases not even their own. Sadly what is shown is reality, it happens everyday in almost every city, it’s pretty scary to see the way some parts of society behaves.

Director, Gary Ugarek did a brilliant job in creating a believable gangster film and his cast did an amazing job playing their characters in a realistic and powerful way. There are several very memorable scenes in the film, it is a film that stays with you long after it’s over. I would like to see a sequel for this, there’s plenty of story to tell if they choose to do so. I am not a big fan of the genre but this is certainly one of the more realistic of it’s kind I have seen.

If you like the genre then I highly recommend picking this film up when it comes out on DVD October 16th, you can Pre-order it HERE

“Thug Life: All in the Game” is a brutal and honest look at life on the streets, it’s not pretty but it sure is effective. I really enjoyed it and look forward to seeing what this talented film-maker has coming out next.

Released by Open Your Eyes Films






Kin – 2011 Lucerne International Film Festival Showcase Certificate


Hello everyone,

Its been awhile but Ive been a little busy to say the least, but Im here now so lets get to business! Barry Worthington’s Independent Crime Drama Short film [Kin] starring Barry Worthington, Delano Walters, Tim Davis, Heather Lasslet, and more along with myself was selected to be showcased in the 2011 Lucerne International Film Festival. Even though we were not able to attend due to scheduling conflicts the film was still seen by humdreds, maybe even thousands! We cannot thank the festival enough for their time and more importantly for selecting our film to be amongst other amzing films in this fine night. And here is our certificate which proves this feat! Again, just thankful to be apart of this cast/crew and having the opportunity to grow that much more as an actor for film/television. Thank you again Barry- #StayTuned and #Enjoy

The Independent Short Action/Crime Drama film [KIN] was recently featured in [The Maryland Gazette] !


Hello everyone! The Independent Short Action/Crime Drama film [KIN] was recently featured in The Gazette! This is another wonderful accomplishment for the cast/crew for the film [KIN]! You can check out the feature below and also on The Gazette’a Website at: ! #ThankYou and #StayTuned #Enjoy

Gaithersburg filmmaker honored

Filmmaker Barry Worthington has won another Accolade.

Worthington, founder of Limitless Films, received an award of merit in the Accolade Competition, a Southern California-based film competition, for his short film “Kin,” which was produced in Gaithersburg.

Accolade awards recognize the achievements of film, television, videography and new media professionals. Entries are judged by professionals in the film and television industry.

“Kin” centers around a young man who has lost his brother. Worthington describes it in a press release as “a primal story about the human condition, the struggle between vengeance and righteousness, and the life-changing decisions we have to make.”

Worthington founded Limitless Films in 2010. Other projects include a web series titled “ME/CFS Alert” with journalist Llewellyn King who travels around the globe to learn about myalgic encephalomyelitis, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome.

“Kin” will have a European Premiere at the 2011 Lucerne International Film Festival, Oct. 19 through 22.

Worthington previously won an Accolade award of merit for artistic and technical expertise for his science fiction thriller “River Haven,” filmed around reservoirs in Towson.

For information, visit

Trailer for the Independent Short Action/Crime Drama film [KIN]


The Independent Short Action/Crime Drama film [KIN] has been accepted into the 2011 Lucerne International Film Festival showcase taking place in Lucerne, Switzerland


Hey everyone! More good news has been bestowed upon us! Not only has the Independent Short Action Crime Drama film [KIN] won at the Accolade Film Competition in California! But now [KIN] has been accepted into the 2011 Lucerne International Film Festival showcase in Lucerne, Switzerland! More information on the festival can be found at: ! This is a great honor for the cast/crew of [KIN]. #StayTuned for more info and news on the progress on the film! Talk to you soon world! #Enjoy

The Independent Short Action/Crime Drama film [KIN] is now a recipient of The Accolades (Film, Television, New Media, & Videography) Awards Competition *Award of Merit Winner*



Hello everyone! The Independent Short Action/Crime Drama film [KIN] is now a reciepient of The Accolade Awards (Film, Television, New Media & Videography) Award of Merit Winners! We (the cast/crew) are thankful,thrilled, and honored by the thought of being recongized by the Accolade Awards Committee as one of the many winners in this category, along with also being mentioned amongst so many great works of video and film! To find out more information on the Accolade Awards Competition, click on the link

 You can view the listing for the Accolade Awards Awards of Merit Winners below or view it on The Accolade Awards Competition Website at: 

Thank you again Barry Worthington and the entire cast/crew of [KIN] who has made this moment in time possible! Again #StayTuned and Enjoy Everyone!


 Awards of Merit
AARPRostros de la Crisis, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Alex LoraOdysseus’ Gambit, short documentary
Another America at Last ProductionsAin’t I a Person, feature documentary
Artcirq (Canada), Raven, public service programming/PSA
Belloq Productions (United Kingdom), Perseverance, short film
Big Red Hat ProductionsThe Traveling Trio, children/family programming
Bring Chase ProductionsJust Another Thing, music video
CMM Productions (Malta), The Tal Qadi Stone, history/biographical and direction
Courage Films Pty Ltd (Australia), I Wish I Were Stephanie V, feature film
Dartmouth-HitchcockPeripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplant, short documentary and script/writer
Dori Media Group (Israel), Diggers, drama program/series
Elisabeth FiesScrutinize, dramatic impact
Enchanted Forest Tales (United Kingdom), Bicycles and Balloons, short film
Enlighthouse EntertainmentWhat’s Up?, short documentary
Frederic Casella (United Kingdom), Tooty’s Wedding, short film
f-reel pty, ltd (Australia), Joe Camilleri: Australia’s Maltese Falcon, feature documentary
Gregory BoytosApocalypse Twins: the Series, webisode
Guillermo Gómez-Alvarez (Puerto Rico), Una Identidad en absurdo Vol. 1 (An Absurd Identity Vol. 1), feature documentary
Ithaca College – Roy H. Park School of CommunicationsDeeds Not Words: The Buffalo Soldiers in World War II, documentary program
Jingyang ChengA Heart Felt, short film
JohnMark TriplettHorror Movies Suck, short film
Jordan HarkerJackie O, short film
Jungleboys (Australia), Tram Inspector, music video
Limitless Films, LLCKin, short film
Lois LipmanA Place to Belong: Asperger’s and a School, educational/instructional
Matt Nager PhotographyCampania In- Felix (Unhappy Country), cinematography
mediaco-op (United Kingdom), Mikey and Jools Keep Safe, educational/instructional
Miami Vision International, LLCMiami Latin Nights, television pilot program and Melody of Love, music video
Milo Productions, LLCBracher Brown: Who I Am and How It Feels, short documentary
Mirto loanna KassisDay Off, short film and direction
Moonboys Productions, Inc.PWNERS, feature film
Moonshine Movies (Australia), LIFE Before Death, feature documentary
MORE Media GroupLOL-Leaders Online Base Camp 101 Training, educational/instructional
Outreach Arts, IncorporatedLoves Me Not, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Peter JinPortrait of Leonore, short film
PopscureJune Gloom, social justice
Projections, IncorporatedKellogg-Bringing Our Best To You, training/industrial productions
Radio Television Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Skirted, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Regent UniversityHumble Pie, short film
Spark MediaUnleashing the Power of Partnerships, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Studio Conus (Russia), Fear and Tremble: short film and direction
Surging Media GroupFoodSaver System, commercial/infomercial
T-Films Limited (Hong Kong), Beach Spike, feature film and leading actress (Sharon: Chrissie CHAU)
TK Productions50,000,000 Tribute Fans Can’t Be Wrong, documentary feature
Tony RagoWhacked, webisode
TY2K ProductionsBurned, pilot program/series
W&B Productions300 Miles to Freedom, short documentary
Wen RenStreets To Nowhere, music video
Wonlord ProductionsWhat is a Notary Public?, educational/instructional

All In The Game has been selected into the RIFE [REEL INDEPENDENT FILM EXTRAVAGANZA]



Hey everyone, Just wanted to let you know, If you didn’t already know the film All In The Game, directed by Gary Ugarek starring  Nelson Irizarry, Micaiah Jones, Chris Clanton, Kelvin Page a.k.a Kelvin Drama, Daniel Ross, Mike McMullin, Vonn Harris, myself and many more has been selected to screen at the RIFE [REEL INDEPENDENT FILM EXTRAVAGANZA] October 22 at The Arc Theater in Washington, D.C! To say Im excited would be an understatement! This will be my very first film festival in which I performed in a speaking role. Big Thanks to Micaiah Jones and Gary Ugarek for making this all possible.

Here is more info on the project and how you can go about purchasing tickets to the event

Gary Ugarek’s walk in the world of Urban Gangster Drama depicts an East Baltimore drug crew vying to take over all of Baltimore City Drug trade, and they do it by dropping one body at a time.

Keeping with the brutal nature of Ugarek’s Zombie films, All In The Game brings the violence, and the Charm to Charm city.

All In The Game is pack with great talent, such as stars Micaiah Jones and Chris Clanton from HBO’s The Wire as well as Daniel Ross from Ninjas VS. Zombies and Transformers: The Game (Star Scream Voice)

Starring: Nelson Irizarry, Micaiah Jones, Chris Clanton, Kelvin Page, Daniel Ross, Mike McMullin, Vonn Harris, and Many more.

All In The Game is a WETNWILDRADIO Films production
Written and Directed by Gary Ugarek
Edited by Habib Awan
Cinematography by Seann Ikon and Habib Awan
Produced by: Jim Hefferman, Gary Ugarek, Nelson Irizarry and Daniel Ross.

The Show Starts at 7:00PM
Movie Runtime: 80 minutes
Contains Scenes of Strong Graphic Violence, Strong Language, and Sexual Situations


After the Show you can Grab your own DVD for $10.00 or the Blu-Ray for $15.00

Tickets can be purchased in advances through the RIFE Website at:

Or at the Door the night of the event. Seating is Limited and only one show will play.

    As always stay tuned for details on this project as they arise