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Nia Barge’s stageplay “Last Call” recap

Hey Guys,
So about lets say going on almost a month ago I was cast in my first play production outside of CCBC Essex Community-College. Much love to my girl “Tia Dae” for pointing me in their direction!! The play was entitled “Last Call” written by A’leighsha Butler and directed by Nia Barge. Two extremely talented, passionate, determined, and just genuine artists, and I am just so thankful for the opportunity that they both blessed me with. An incredible cast, location, and just pure dedication, and talent across the board … I am still in awe … Those two nights changed my life and my respect for film … I am forever grateful.

As stated, we ran the play “Last Call

    ” for two nights in the Adams Morgan area in Washington, D.C at Club Heaven & Hell. In the play I played the Lead Role “Jordan”. After both shows myself and the cast were showered with applause, not to mention both nights were SOLD-OUT, packed houses baby!! I see why actors have such an appreciation for the stage. And if the time was right, Id strongly consider going back to the stage, but unit then its still Film/Television.

    As always thank you everyone for your time and support!

Latest news regarding Anthony Greene’s feature length Crime-Thriller “Thick”

Thick Theatrical Poster
Hey guys
I really gotta make updating this a priority BUT I am here to play catchup. Now the last time we spoke, Anthony Greene’sTHICK” had already screened I believe twice … BUT here is some news for you … THICK since then has screened 2 more times! Again in Washington, D.C at Busboys and Poets (dope ass spot) and we brought it to screen in my hometown, Baltimore, M.D at the Landmark Theater, downtown HarborEast! It was a sold-out crowd in DC & and a sizable one at the Baltimore screening!
“Busboys and Poets
Busboys and Poets
Thick Photo BusBoys
“Landmark Theater”
Landmark Theater

As far as whats next for “THICK” … you’ll just have to stay tuned ! But as always thank you everyone for your time and support on this fantastic production. I have attended every screening for the film and the response has been phenomenal! We cannot thank you enough!

And if you haven’t seen the trailer you can check it out below. In the film I play the role of “Marcel”. Also check out the “Skyrocket Productions” film page for updates pertaining to “THICK” and other productions out of their camp .

THICK Trailer 2014