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Untitled: The Series? Episode 4: Breathing Room

Puprle Shamrock Media

Hello everyone!
From the creative minds of Purple Shamrock Media; Here is episode 4 of the webseries β€œUntitled: The Series?” In the series you can see me playing the role of β€œShawn”! I hope you like it and #staytuned for me episodes to come! Also be sure to check out my ActorsPage via Facebook at: And #subscribe to the Purple Shamrock Media Youtube page at: OH yeah ENJOY !

Deirdre McCullagh: Alex
Cassia Rainne: Vi
Dominique Spencer: Shawn
Smyth Michaels: Seth
Susannah Foos: Cara
Madison Perna: Jessica
Stosh Zona: Director
Connor Zilinskas: Charles
Hezee Masters: James
Joe Barlam: Crew Member
Mercedez Diaz: Makeup Artist
Matt Grant: Director of Photography
Chris Murray: Sound Guy

-Dominique Antonio Spencer

Reminisce Red Carpet Premiere Photos

reminisce theatrical poster finalReminisce Screenshot MarkRRCP 5RRCP 4RRCP 3RRCP 2RRCP 1

Hey guys I know Im way late with these photos and this update in general but Ive been pretty busy with life lol πŸ™‚ Here are 5 photos (If you would like to see more please check out my Actorspage via Facebook & my IG(Instagram page at from the red carpet premiere of Robbie Soto’s Drama/Comedy film “Reminisce“. In the film I play the starring role of “Mark”.

The film screened at the Leitersburg Cinema in Hagerstown, MD and brought in a great turnout !! It was an awesome experience that I am blessed to have shared with some an incredible actors and just an overall fantastic group of inidividuals !! I am so grateful to the production team of Reminisce for having me onboard in my largest role to date, thank you so much for this opportunity Robbie Soto/Ralph Mauriello

Be sure to staytuned here, and also check in at my Actors Facebook page at for any further developments regarding Reminisce’s film festival circuit.

As always thank you so much everyone for our time and support πŸ™‚



Robbie Soto’s Feature length Independent film “Reminisce” Red Carpet Premiere Event Details




Hello and good evening everyone-

For those who aren’t following me via my #Facebook Fanpage @:ΒΒ then I am pleased to inform you that Robbie Soto’sΒ feature length drama film “Reminisce” #Reminisce will be having its official Red Carpet Screening/Premiere in Hagerstown, MD at the Leitersburg Cinema at 7p.m on Saturday September 21st! Tickets are 20$. You heard that right, another screening!! It was LOCALLY filmed with local talent (some of the best in MD, D.C., VA, W.VA, PA and NY). You’ll see me starring in the film in the role of “Mark“. It’s a heartwarming story that will tug at your emotions. TheΒ production team behind the film felt that it needed to be shown again due to how well it was received at the pre-screening πŸ™‚ THANK YOU!

All of the details regarding the premiere can be found here at the link provided:ΒΒ You can also checkout the trailer there as well. You’ll also find it below for your viewing pleasure!

As always thank you so much everyone and #staytuned And please PLEASE buy tickets Β and come see this film! Not just because Im in it but its a wonderful story, so much hardwork and effort was poured into this film :-)!! I hope to see you there!!

If your not following me on #Twitter/Instagram PLEASE do so at: @ActorDS –> I will #followback

Official trailer for Robbie Soto’s feature length Drama film “Reminisce”/June 29th Screening Information


Hello and good evening everyone –

Above is the trailer for Robbie Soto’s feature length Drama film “Reminisce”! In the film I play the role of “Mark”. The film will be screening on June 29th at the Carrol County Arts Center.Β 

Ticket & Venue information can be found here at: or at theΒ film’s page at: . You can also see the cast/crew who were apart of the film and much more! This film has a stellar cast and an amazing crew who were simply fanatastic. Just wait until you see it, Im telling you, you will not be dissappointed!

I hope to see you there- If you havent already, and if you feel inclined to do so please feel free to share the films page, the trailer, and ticket information as well!Β 

Thank you all for your time and support thus far!

Screenshot from Robbie Soto’s feature length Drama film [Reminisce]

ImageImageHello everyone,

Here is another screen shot from “Robbie Soto’s”Β feature length Drama film [Reminisce]. In the film I play the “lead” role of “Mark”(not the lead of the film). If you want to find out more information regarding the film such as the cast & crew; here is the link to the film’s #IMDBpage at:ΒΒ If you would like to see more screenshots, get updates regarding the film such as: premiere dates, trailer preview(which will available online soon), and behind the scenes footage, check out the film’s official Facebook page at:ΒΒ But for now check out the film’s poster and screenshot ‘:-)


As always thank you everyone for your time and support … Im nothing without you …




*IMDB ALERT: Wade Brown/Scott Kelly’s Independent Feature length Horror film [Ghoul Society] is now on IMDB


Hello everyone,

Wade Brown’s feature length Horror film [Ghoul Society] is now on IMDb! You can check out the cast, crew, storyline, and more here at the films page at:

Youll also come to find out that alot of the actors cast in [Ghoul Society] have also been cast in Wade Brown’s next feature length Horror film [Girl Trouble] which has now entered principal photography! In the film I will be playing one of the lead roles “Ray McCoy”/And man I am ecstatic to be working with such a talented cast/crew which also stars: Charlie Dreizen, Scott Yokum, Sarah Snyder, Kelvin Page and many more!

As always thank you everyone for your continued support and #StayTuned! 

*New trailer for Gary Ugarek’s feature length Crime Thriller [All In The Game]/Also the film now has distribution


Hello everyone,

Here is the new trailer for Gary Ugarek’s feature length Crime Thriller [All In The Game]. The film stars: Chris Clanton, Micaiah Jones, Kelvin Page, Daniel Ross, Michael McMullin. Along with myself, and many more! In the film I play the role of “Flash”.

The trailer has been revamped by our distributors at: EyesWideOpenFilms. Also a street date has been set for the release of the film: October 16th! The film will be sold at retailers such as: Best Buy, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and many more!! Hope you enjoy the new trailer and also purchase a copy of the film online or in stores when the film is released!