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Interview: Guest on Allison Howard’s talk show: “Lights, Camera, Action”!


Hello everyone,

Id say about a month or so ago I had the pleasure of being 1 out of 3 guests to be featured on episode 9 of host Allison Howard’s talk show: “Lights, Camera, Action“! Extremely thankful that I was selected as 1 of the 3 guests and from that experience I learned that much more about the industry. Here is a briefing on what “Lights, Camera, Action” is all about –>  “Lights, Camera, Action!” is a talk-show dedicated to telling the stories of working actors in the Washington D.C./Baltimore area. Each show allows the guests an opportunity to showcase and talk about their talents, how they began their journey into the acting business and past and present projects. <–

Not to mention that I got to plug past projects (Fang, All In The Game), current projects (Reminisce <a href=",&nbsp;, <strong>Girl Trouble and future projects (Rebels and Rejects: Season 2) that I enjoyed working on and ones that havent begun filming yet!

So with that said please feel free to check it out below! Its rather long but it is definetly enlightening in regards to the industry(film/theater) alike I promise! Share it, Like it, and spread the word! As always thank you for your time and support everyone!