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Kevin Jiggetts: Principles of Acting Workshop #Round2


Hello everyone. Last Monday I began taking my good friend and incredibly talented actor “Kevin Jiggetts” (here is the link to his IMDB profile:ΒΒ )Β workshop: The Principles of Acting for the Second time. #Round2 The first time I took the class I loved it and now I’m back and here are the reasons why: (1) He lives, breathes, and sleeps acting. You are the company you keep and I pride myself on becoming a better actor … how else better to do that then by being in the company of talented actors who like yourself live, breathe, and sleep acting?! And (2) he believes in me. Having someone believe in you means, well … on a personal level to me having someone believe in you can mean a number of things! This industry is all about belief … trust .. confidence .. and to have that come from someone who has made the leaps that Kevin has made … that means the world to me.

I’m just excited to continue to learn more about the craft, and be in the company of those who feel the exact same way as I do.Β 

Well, thanks everyone for your time and support and as always #staytuned

-Dominique Spencer