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Interview: Guest on Allison Howard’s talk show: “Lights, Camera, Action”!


Hello everyone,

Id say about a month or so ago I had the pleasure of being 1 out of 3 guests to be featured on episode 9 of host Allison Howard’s talk show: “Lights, Camera, Action“! Extremely thankful that I was selected as 1 of the 3 guests and from that experience I learned that much more about the industry. Here is a briefing on what “Lights, Camera, Action” is all about –>  “Lights, Camera, Action!” is a talk-show dedicated to telling the stories of working actors in the Washington D.C./Baltimore area. Each show allows the guests an opportunity to showcase and talk about their talents, how they began their journey into the acting business and past and present projects. <–

Not to mention that I got to plug past projects (Fang, All In The Game), current projects (Reminisce <a href=",&nbsp;, <strong>Girl Trouble and future projects (Rebels and Rejects: Season 2) that I enjoyed working on and ones that havent begun filming yet!

So with that said please feel free to check it out below! Its rather long but it is definetly enlightening in regards to the industry(film/theater) alike I promise! Share it, Like it, and spread the word! As always thank you for your time and support everyone!

Interview with Michael Haberfelner via “Search My Trash”


Hello everyone,

Below is an interview that I had the pleasure of doing with Michael Haberfelner and the good people at “Search My Trash“. Click the link to check it out! 

In the interview I talk about how I first got into acting, my first projects that I were apart of, My current projects such as: Wade Brown’s feature length Horror/Comedy film [Girl Trouble] starring: Charlie Dreizen, Scott Yokum, and myself, Robbie Soto’s feature length Drama [Reminisce] starring Alexis Barone, Ralph Mauriello, myself, Johnand Brad Masters, and Aaron C. Smith’s brand new webseries [Rebels and Rejects which showcases talents such as: Shane Messick, Brian Chenworth, Kimia’ Workman, Samantha Trionfo, Stephanie Berthier, and our director Aaron C. Smith shows that he too has a place in front of the camera as well as behind; and many more!

I cannot thank Mike enough for this opportunity and if you take the time to read this interview I gurantee that you will take something from it! Thanks again Michael for this opportunity and I will be talking to you again soon! –> The Link can be seen below and also on my “Press for Dominique Spencer” page as well.

As always thank you everyone for your time and support 


An Interview with Dominique Spencer, Actor

by Mike Haberfelner

August 2012

-> <–

Season 1 Episode 1 (S1:E1) “Coming to an End” of Aaron C. Smith’s new drama webseries [Rebels and Rejects]


Hello everyone,

Season 1 Episode 1 S1:E1 “Coming to an End” of Aaron C. Smith’s new drama webseries [Rebels and Rejects] starring Shane Messick, Samantha Trionfo, Nate Nelson, Heather Fagan, Cheyenne Graham and is now live via its youtube page at: and here on my blog as well! After you’ve watch the episode feel free to comment, like, dislike, and share it! Soon as I have the viewing schedule I’ll be sure to let you guys know!

Thank you everyone for your support thus and as always #StayTuned and Enjoy!

*Press Spot(Interview) Aaron Smith’s webseries [Rebels and Rejects]


Hello everyone,

Aaron Smith’s webseries [Rebels and Rejects] will be having select members from the cast & crew interviewed by the honorable J. Blair Brown on July 2nd at 7p.m via blogtalkradio! This will be an interview via phone so listeners can(if they choose to) call in @ (347) 539-5805 if they have any questions they would like to have answered for J or the selected members of the cast/crew from the series.

We are extremely thankful for this opportunity given to us by Ms. Brown to shed light on such a wonderful series, what a journey it really has been thus far and trust me were only just getting started! The link for the interview is below. Also below are the links for the series’ Official Facebook Fanpage & the Official Twitter Page! Visit both for updates on the series throughout its seasons!

As always #StayTuned and Enjoy!

J. Blair Brown Interview via BlogTalkRadio:…

Official Facebook Fanpage:

Official Twitter Page:

Aaron Smith’s webseries [Rebels and Rejects] is now on Facebook and #Twitter


Hello everyone,

Aaron Smith’s webseries [Rebels and Rejects] can now be reached via Facebook & Twitter! On the Facebook page for the webseries you can meet the cast- read bios for the actors portraying them on the series, find out cool info. on press spots(interviews, premiere dates etc.) catch behind the scenes photos of some of the cast & crew on set, and see what your friends, and other people who are keeping up with the series are talking about! For example, this week we are holding auditions for [Rebels and Rejects] Season 2 at this location ( from 12-5PM. The venue is called EMP Collective. The address is 306 West Redwood Street, Baltimore MD, 21201. ) so you know everyone’s talking about that!  

And on the Twitter page you’ll be able to find updates on production, links for episodes as they air weekly and much much more!

The Official [Rebels and Rejects] Facebook page can be reached here at:

The Official [Rebels and Rejects] Twitter page can be reached here at:!/rebelsrejects

Again, Within the series I’ll be playing the role of “Joseph Stragg“/#JosephStragg & as always #StayTuned and #Enjoy


Artwork for Aaron Smith’s Web-Series Drama [Rebels and Rejects]


Hello everyone,

Above is artwork (Credit goes to Shane Messick for the design) for Director Aaron Smith’s Drama Webseries [Rebels and Rejects]. The series is about highschool seniors and their struggle through college as they face individual problems and instances, and how they have to grow to learn who they are and overcome these struggles. This webseries has to be comprised of some of the finest talent within the DMV area. 

In case you were wondering, in the series I’ll be playing the role of “Joseph”.

And wait, theres more! On June 30th we will be holding auditions for Season 2 in Baltimore, MD. Auditions will take place JUNE 30th, from 12-5PM. The venue is called EMP Collective. The address is 306 West Redwood Street, Baltimore MD, 21201. (parking is limited in the city so be aware you may have to pay a meter, or garage fee if unable to find open parking, we do not have parking at the location.)

PLEASE BRING A hardcopy HEADSHOT/RESUME WITH YOU to the audition! (headshot/resume) will not be returned.

Filming for season 2 will begin later in the summer.

Thank you again for your patience and for any questions do not hesitate to email me or text me 443-231-8475 (Verizon) (Casting Director, Shane Messick)

The series will be premiering in July via Vimeo and Youtube! So as always #StayTuned and Enjoy!



On set photos from episode 1 part 1 of Principal Photography for the Webseries [Rebels and Rejects]


Hello everyone,

Here are on set photos from episode 1 part 1 of Principal Photography for Aaron Smith’s webseries [Rebels and Rejects]! In the series I will be playing the role of Joseph On set were goodfriends/talents Shane Messick(Lucas) in the series and Samantha Trionfo(Sydney) in the series, and Director Aaron Smith. Keep a lookout for more on set photos and as always #Staytuned for updates regarding this production!