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Guest on WPB Radio’s “The 90s Play Lounge”

Dominique Spencer

Hello everyone –

On September 16, 2013 I was a guest on the 90s Play Lounge alongside actor Robert D. Mason as well as comedian Desi Alexander. During the segment we discussed our careers, current productions and current events. It was a great evening and much love to Kimia and Dev for holdin it down! Ill be back ! If you have the time check it out below :)!

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Interview with William Powell “The King of D.C Media” 09/25/2013

William Powell

Hello everyone –

On the night of September 25 I was the featured guest for the evening on William Powell’s BlogTalkRadio Segment “Inside Acting” ! William always runs a good show and I was just thankful to be welcomed back with such open arms ! During the show we discussed the red carpet premiere of Robbie Soto’s Drama/Comedy film “Reminisce“, The now award winning short Drama film AJ Harper “Jump“,Anthony Greene’s latest feature Crime Drama film “Thick“, and more ! Also got to kick some acting jewels that were passed onto me from some very talented individuals. If you have the time please check it out at the link provided ! 

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Reminisce Red Carpet Premiere Photos

reminisce theatrical poster finalReminisce Screenshot MarkRRCP 5RRCP 4RRCP 3RRCP 2RRCP 1

Hey guys I know Im way late with these photos and this update in general but Ive been pretty busy with life lol 🙂 Here are 5 photos (If you would like to see more please check out my Actorspage via Facebook & my IG(Instagram page at from the red carpet premiere of Robbie Soto’s Drama/Comedy film “Reminisce“. In the film I play the starring role of “Mark”.

The film screened at the Leitersburg Cinema in Hagerstown, MD and brought in a great turnout !! It was an awesome experience that I am blessed to have shared with some an incredible actors and just an overall fantastic group of inidividuals !! I am so grateful to the production team of Reminisce for having me onboard in my largest role to date, thank you so much for this opportunity Robbie Soto/Ralph Mauriello

Be sure to staytuned here, and also check in at my Actors Facebook page at for any further developments regarding Reminisce’s film festival circuit.

As always thank you so much everyone for our time and support 🙂



Screenshot from Robbie Soto’s feature length Drama film [Reminisce]

ImageImageHello everyone,

Here is another screen shot from “Robbie Soto’s” feature length Drama film [Reminisce]. In the film I play the “lead” role of “Mark”(not the lead of the film). If you want to find out more information regarding the film such as the cast & crew; here is the link to the film’s #IMDBpage at: If you would like to see more screenshots, get updates regarding the film such as: premiere dates, trailer preview(which will available online soon), and behind the scenes footage, check out the film’s official Facebook page at: But for now check out the film’s poster and screenshot ‘:-)


As always thank you everyone for your time and support … Im nothing without you …




*Updates on Robbie Soto’s feature length drama film [Reminisce]

Hello everyone,

Its been awhile since I have had time to update my blog due to the amount of detail I like to input within each post. So with that said if you would like to receive updates more frequently regarding my acting career please like my Facebook FanPage @: . But without further ado lets rollout these updates regarding [Reminisce]!

The Indiegogo Page for Robbie Soto’s feature length drama film [Reminisce] is now up and running! You can check out the page at –> <– . Here you can donate to the film’s production and receive some cool perks by doing so!! Also in the gallery section is a clip from the film –> CHECK IT OUT <–

Movie “Reminisce” filmed in Greencastle, Hagerstown

By Colleen Seidel/The Record Herald


Shannon Lanier of Dark Ronin Productions (third from left) talks to actors Derek Hays and Dominique Spencer during a break from shooting. John Stansfield, who plays the main character in the film, sits in the foreground.

  Oct. 27, 2012 11 a.m.Sunnyway Diner in Greencastle was the scene of a defiant breakup on a recent Sunday afternoon.

Beth stormed in on her boyfriend Jake and his buddy harassing some guys in a diner booth. Apparently, she had had enough of his bullying, told him it was over and stormed out.
Then the director yelled “Cut! Let’s do it again!” The actors repositioned themselves and Beth, played by Alexis Barone of Hagerstown, broke up with Jake, played by Brad Masters of Fairfax County, Va., roughly a dozen more times. The scene was part of a full day of filming at the local eatery for “Reminisce,” a play written and directed by Robbie Soto, a North Hagerstown High School graduate, which is now being turned into a 
full-length feature film.Scenes were shot for five weeks around Greencastle and Hagerstown.

Dark Ronin Films, a production company based in Hanover, has picked up the project and is working with Soto on producing the film, to be premiered at the Maryland Theatre next spring.
Birth of a film
Soto, 22, wrote the play during a difficult time while his mother was fighting lung cancer. When he finished the play, he showed it to his mom — five days before she passed away.
The story of “Reminisce” is the story of “a courtship of the popular girl by the school nerd,” Soto said. It’s told via a grandfather telling his granddaughters a bedtime story of how he met their grandmother. The underlying message is not to take life and loved ones for granted.
“Reminisce” was performed in January 2010 at the Maryland Theatre by Soto’s theater group, Performers of H.O.P.E. Following the performance, Soto said, “Everyone kept asking ‘Where else can t
his go?'” Soto connected with Shannon Lanier of Dark Ronin Films over Facebook one day, and the film version of “Reminisce” was born. “I was actually asking for advice,” Soto said. “I never thought (Lanier) would have the time to do this.”Lanier, who has worked on six other films as owner of Dark Ronin Films, brought everything Soto — whose directing background rests in theater — lacked when it came to filmmaking: Experience, knowledge and equipment. “He has been the backbone of this,” Soto said.

Team project

 “Reminisce” features mostly local actors, with a few from as far as New York City and Baltimore, who are giving their time to the project for no paycheck. Soto credits his actors for their commitment to the project — “Gas is not cheap,” he said. Even those who have little or no acting experience have been an asset on set, according to Soto. “There is no weak link,” Soto said. “We have a lot of talent, a lot of passion. That’s how this is gonna get done.” Soto received more than 600 submissions to audition for the film, which was “a good problem to have” but also “a nightmare. “Filtering through the submissions, he said that he was pleased to be able to give new actors, like Greencastle native Derek Hays, a chance to work on a film.

“Everyone needs a shot,” he said. “I needed a chance; Shannon gave me that chance. To be able to give that chance to others is thrilling.”
On the Net

And now the film [Reminisce] has wrapped on principal phtography! Looking forward to what’s to come! 

So to recap the updates: check out the films’ Indiegogo Page at:, Write up on the film via the Herald, and the film is officially wrapped on principal photography! And if you havent already be sure to check out the film’s Facebook page at: while your there be sure to like it and share the page! Help spread the word!!

Thank you everyone for all your time and support and please #StayTuned for updates on this production and more!

Interview: Guest on Allison Howard’s talk show: “Lights, Camera, Action”!


Hello everyone,

Id say about a month or so ago I had the pleasure of being 1 out of 3 guests to be featured on episode 9 of host Allison Howard’s talk show: “Lights, Camera, Action“! Extremely thankful that I was selected as 1 of the 3 guests and from that experience I learned that much more about the industry. Here is a briefing on what “Lights, Camera, Action” is all about –>  “Lights, Camera, Action!” is a talk-show dedicated to telling the stories of working actors in the Washington D.C./Baltimore area. Each show allows the guests an opportunity to showcase and talk about their talents, how they began their journey into the acting business and past and present projects. <–

Not to mention that I got to plug past projects (Fang, All In The Game), current projects (Reminisce <a href=",&nbsp;, <strong>Girl Trouble and future projects (Rebels and Rejects: Season 2) that I enjoyed working on and ones that havent begun filming yet!

So with that said please feel free to check it out below! Its rather long but it is definetly enlightening in regards to the industry(film/theater) alike I promise! Share it, Like it, and spread the word! As always thank you for your time and support everyone!

Theatrical Poster/Rough Cut Clip for Robbie Soto’s Independent Feature length Drama [Reminisce]*new


Hello everyone,

Im back! I have been gone for a moment .. but when I am not blogging you can more than likely find me on my Personal Facebook at: or you can become a fan on my FanPage at: and keep up with me on there!

But Ill be bringing everyone up to speed so lets start with bringing you the new theatrical poster for Robbie Soto’s feature length Drama film [Reminsice]! The film stars: Alexis Barone, John Stansfield, Dominique Spencer, Ralph Mauriello, and Brad Masters. Along with Robert Mason, Derek Hays, Ashley Tyler, Sharaya Nason, Lauren Ritter, and many more! In the film I will be playing one of the lead roles “Mark”. I must say since we’ve been filming every moment on set has just been a blessing! I have learned so much and have made many friends and its really been a blessing to have been cast — Not to mention as one of the leads in the film!

You can find out more about the film, see behind the scenes photos, meet the cast and you can even see a rough cut clip from the film below as well as at the film’s Official Facebook Page at: If you feel so inclined to do so LIKE the film’s page and SHARE it as well/Help us spread the word!

Hope you like the new poster above and the rough clip below! As always thank you for time and support!

[Reminisce] Rough Cut Clip

Interview with Michael Haberfelner via “Search My Trash”


Hello everyone,

Below is an interview that I had the pleasure of doing with Michael Haberfelner and the good people at “Search My Trash“. Click the link to check it out! 

In the interview I talk about how I first got into acting, my first projects that I were apart of, My current projects such as: Wade Brown’s feature length Horror/Comedy film [Girl Trouble] starring: Charlie Dreizen, Scott Yokum, and myself, Robbie Soto’s feature length Drama [Reminisce] starring Alexis Barone, Ralph Mauriello, myself, Johnand Brad Masters, and Aaron C. Smith’s brand new webseries [Rebels and Rejects which showcases talents such as: Shane Messick, Brian Chenworth, Kimia’ Workman, Samantha Trionfo, Stephanie Berthier, and our director Aaron C. Smith shows that he too has a place in front of the camera as well as behind; and many more!

I cannot thank Mike enough for this opportunity and if you take the time to read this interview I gurantee that you will take something from it! Thanks again Michael for this opportunity and I will be talking to you again soon! –> The Link can be seen below and also on my “Press for Dominique Spencer” page as well.

As always thank you everyone for your time and support 


An Interview with Dominique Spencer, Actor

by Mike Haberfelner

August 2012

-> <–

Theatrical Poster for Robbie Soto’s Independent Feature length Drama [Reminisce]


Hello everyone,

Im here to bring you the theatrical poster for Robbie Soto’s Independent feature length Drama [Reminisce], one of the films Im cast in this year. The film has a very talented cast/crew on board for production. We have also partnered with the talented Shannon Lanier and his production company Dark Ronin Films. Also cast in the film in the role of “Andrew” is my brother and talented actor Robert Mason. The table read is scheduled for September 8th and I cant wait to meet the cast/crew again for this production! And principal photography is slated to begin very soon after!

If you havent visited the page for the film yet please do so at: While your there; give it a “LIKE”, check out the photos of the cast and crew, and read up on some of our recent updates regarding production! 

As always everyone thank you so much for your support, #StayTuned, and Enjoy!


Has been cast in Robbie Soto’s feature length drama film [Reminisce]


Hello everyone,

I have been in cast in Robbie Soto’s drama feature length film [Reminisce]. In the film I will be playing the role of “Mark”. The plot has not yet been disclosed but what I can tell you is that this film is “An Underdog’s Love story”. Also cast in the film is the very talented/my brother “Robert Mason” in the role of “Andrew”. I am ecstatic to be cast amongst such an excellent crew and what is shaping up be a stellar cast! The expectations for this film are thru the roof and I am eagerly anticipating principal photography! 

You can check out the film’s Facebook page at: . There you can check out photos of the forthcoming cast, production updates and more! As always #StayTuned and Enjoy!