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Trailer & Premiere Photos from the Red Carpet Premiere of Altorro Black’s Comedy/Drama feature film “Bachelorette’s Degree”

Hello everyone,
Here is the trailer/Theatrical poster for the film (as seen above) for my latest production, Actor/Director Altorro Black’s feature length Comedy/Drama film “Bachelorette’s Degree” Which had its Red-Carpet Premiere at the Angelika Film Center & Cafe in Fairfax,Virginia! The trailer can be seen below. You can see me in the film in principal in the role of “Robbie Lewis”. The film had two showings and packed the house for the first showing ! Great performances all around ! The film is now being prepped for its festival run, and to be shopped to distributors ! Below the trailer you can catch a few photos of myself with some really talented actors as well as good friends of mine. As always #Staytuned here for production updates regarding this film ALSO if you want to see more Red Carpet photos from the film’s premiere (cast/crew) also check out the films Official Fan Page at:

-Dominique Antonio Spencer

The first official trailer for Anthony Greene’s Thriller “THICK”/ Cast & Crew Photos at the 2013 R.I.F.E film Festival !

Thick Theatrical Poster


    Official Trailer 2014

    Hello everyone,

    Be sure to visit my Facebook Page: to see the first official trailer for Anthony Greene’s Thriller “THICK” You can also see the trailer above as well ! You can check out the current theatrical poster “as seen above” for the film as well =) As always you can check back here for updates on the films production OR you can check in at the film’s Official Facebook Fan Page at: Please watch it, enjoy it, love it ! #THICK In the film you can see me in the role of “Marcel”

    Im just playing catchup here and filling you guys in on what happened late last year! Well you all remember me blogging about AGreene’s Thriller “THICK”! Well it had its first screening at last years #RIFE film festival. For those who may not know what RIFE stands for, its short for “Reel Independent Film Extravaganza” ! Here numerous films are screened from all over the world, awards are given to films, and actors alike ! It is just a wonderful event that has been taken place for a number of years and is spearheaded by AGreenes production company “SkyRocket productions“! BUT theres more! The first screening of “THICK” was SOLDOUT as well as the Second Screening !! Frickin AWESOME !!I also have some pics of the cast/crew as well at the event(RIFE) for the films first screening ! Twas an awesome night and Im just thankful to have had the opportunity to be present !

    Again #StayTuned for production updates regarding this film and check out some photos below of the cast and crew below !!
    Dominique Antonio Spencer

AJ Harper’s short drama film “Jump” has been selected into 2 Film Festivals !





*Photo Above* Dominique Spencer in the role of “Pierre” in Aj Harper’s short drama film “Jump

Hello everyone,

Im going to be brief with this news but AJ Harper’s short dram film “Jump” has been selected into 2 film festivals so far! Those 2 festivals are: Washington D.C’s “R.I.F.E (Reel Independent Film Extravaganza) and Hollywood California’s “Hollywood Black Film Festival”! This is some pretty awesome news and I can’t wait for you to see this film. If you reside in Washington, D.C please come out for the evening! For times, location, and more info can be found at the “R.I.F.E’s site at: A very talented cast (Gordon Timothy, Antoinette Greene Fisher, Caleb Jackson, Kameron Brown and more) and crew are onboard, and when I say that its GOOD, this film is GOOD! Just blessed to be apart of the process. I am principal in this film in the role of “Pierre”.

PLEASE feel free to check out the trailer for Aj Harper’s short drama film “Jump” below:

As always thank you everyone for your time and support! It really means the world to me. #Love

-Dominique Spencer

Robbie Soto’s Feature length Independent film “Reminisce” Red Carpet Premiere Event Details




Hello and good evening everyone-

For those who aren’t following me via my #Facebook Fanpage @: then I am pleased to inform you that Robbie Soto’s feature length drama film “Reminisce” #Reminisce will be having its official Red Carpet Screening/Premiere in Hagerstown, MD at the Leitersburg Cinema at 7p.m on Saturday September 21st! Tickets are 20$. You heard that right, another screening!! It was LOCALLY filmed with local talent (some of the best in MD, D.C., VA, W.VA, PA and NY). You’ll see me starring in the film in the role of “Mark“. It’s a heartwarming story that will tug at your emotions. The production team behind the film felt that it needed to be shown again due to how well it was received at the pre-screening 🙂 THANK YOU!

All of the details regarding the premiere can be found here at the link provided: You can also checkout the trailer there as well. You’ll also find it below for your viewing pleasure!

As always thank you so much everyone and #staytuned And please PLEASE buy tickets  and come see this film! Not just because Im in it but its a wonderful story, so much hardwork and effort was poured into this film :-)!! I hope to see you there!!

If your not following me on #Twitter/Instagram PLEASE do so at: @ActorDS –> I will #followback

Official trailer for Robbie Soto’s feature length Drama film “Reminisce”/June 29th Screening Information


Hello and good evening everyone –

Above is the trailer for Robbie Soto’s feature length Drama film “Reminisce”! In the film I play the role of “Mark”. The film will be screening on June 29th at the Carrol County Arts Center. 

Ticket & Venue information can be found here at: or at the film’s page at: . You can also see the cast/crew who were apart of the film and much more! This film has a stellar cast and an amazing crew who were simply fanatastic. Just wait until you see it, Im telling you, you will not be dissappointed!

I hope to see you there- If you havent already, and if you feel inclined to do so please feel free to share the films page, the trailer, and ticket information as well! 

Thank you all for your time and support thus far!

Screening date for Mark Bridge’s Suspense Short film [Come Out To Play]

Hello everyone,
The screening date for Mark Bridge’s suspense Short film [Come Out To Play] will be May 2nd at 7pm. In the film I’ll be playing the role of “Allard”. At Stevenson University’s Greenspring Campus in the theater!

The film has a hell of a cast/crew attached to it! I had such a wonderful time acting and learning amongst them and I cant thank them(my cast/crew) and Stevenson University enough for making this film possible 🙂

If you can make the screening please let me know 🙂

Hope to see you there! As always #StayTuned


Fang Premiere Pix – 12/9/11 at Towson University’s Van Bokkelen Hall


Hello everyone, last Friday was the long awaited premiere for Jonathan Boushell’s Independent Feature Length Horror/Comedy [Fang] starring Kyle Richmond Watson, Charlie Dreizen, and myself along with Nick Hanson, Colin Rhodes, Allyson Washington, Ryan Moiles, Shannon Vogt, Monique Curtis, Tony Ellis, and more at Towson University’s Van Bokkelen Hall! The premiere was fantastic! The crowd gave the film a huge round of applause, alot of the beats were hit, timing within the cast was on point, and the score laid down by Chris LaMartina was dope! It was night where I let tears fall but fuck it! It was bound to happen and I wouldn’t change a thing! Thanks again to the excellent cast/crew apart of this project and I honestly cant thank you enough, and to Towson University for screening the film! The film is now being entered into the film festival circuit and I couldnt be any happier!! It was seriously one of the proudest moments of my life, but its only the beginning so please #StayTuned and #Enjoy the pics below!