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#ThrowbackThursday Comedy Short-Film

Throwback Thursday from Chris Perillo on Vimeo.

#ThrowbackThursday (#TBT)
Throwback Thursday is sweeping the nation and its only getting bigger, whether you like it or not!The latest Comedy short-film from the hilarious mind of actor/director “Chris Perillo” from Extra ChrisP Pictures. I play the role of “Dominique” in the film.

Hello and good afternoon everyone,
Above is my latest film; the hilarious Comedy short film from the extremely talented actor/director Chris Perillo of Extra ChrisP Pictures starring: Chris Perillo, Dan Franko, Rick Kain, Rasik Ohal, Kacy Gabbert, as well as ME =) Dominique Antonio Spencer(Credited as Dominique Spencer). I had a fantastic day shooting with these guys and we came out with a pretty dope short film! I can only hope that I am cast alongside these gentlemen in the future **fingers crossed** –> back to the topic; I only say that because the people have spoken dammit! So please check it out, share it, but if you do make sure to hashtag #ThrowbackThursday =)

As always thank you everyone for your time & support!

Untitled The Film?

Puprle Shamrock Media

Hello everyone!
Here, from the creative minds at “Purple Shamrock Media” is the webisode “Untitled The Series?” presented as it was shot “as a Film” in its entiety! If you havent watched it as a webseries, please do so in as a film πŸ™‚ Always, if you like it leave a comment, if not then thats fine too! I had so much fun working on set with the cast/crew!! As always, #StayTuned for updates regarding this production! Subscribe to the Purple Shamrock Media Youtube Page at: And alsop follow Actor Dominique Spencer via my Official Facebook Fan Page at: OH YEAH, ENJOY ! =)

Cassia Rainne: Vi
Deirdre McCullagh: Alex
Dominique Spencer: Shawn
Smyth Michaels: Seth
Susannah Foos: Cara
Madison Perna: Jessica
Joe Barlam: Crew Member
Laura Chaneski: Anne
Mercedez Diaz: Makeup Artist
Heather Drew: Justice
Jamil Gaines: DJ Whodini
Matt Grant: Director of Photography
Blair Adair Griffith: Britney
Jason Heffner: Jacob
Kealani Marie: Kim
Hezee Masters: James
Jeni Miller: Katlyn
Chris Murray: Sound Guy
Melissa O’Donnell: Abby
Connor Zilinskas: Charles
Stosh Zona: Director

And with that I present to you Untitled The Film?

Dominique Antonio Spencer

AJ Harper’s short drama film “Jump” has been selected into 2 Film Festivals !





*Photo Above* Dominique Spencer in the role of “Pierre” in Aj Harper’s short drama film “Jump

Hello everyone,

Im going to be brief with this news but AJ Harper’s short dram film “Jump” has been selected into 2 film festivals so far! Those 2 festivals are: Washington D.C’s “R.I.F.E (Reel Independent Film Extravaganza)Β and Hollywood California’s “Hollywood Black Film Festival”! This is some pretty awesome news and I can’t wait for you to see this film. If you reside in Washington, D.C please come out for the evening! For times, location, and more info can be found at the “R.I.F.E’s site at:Β AΒ very talented cast (Gordon Timothy, Antoinette Greene Fisher, Caleb Jackson, Kameron Brown and more) and crew are onboard, and when I say that its GOOD, this film is GOOD! Just blessed to be apart of the process. I am principal in this film in the role of “Pierre”.

PLEASE feel free to check out the trailer for Aj Harper’s short drama film “Jump” below:

As always thank you everyone for your time and support! It really means the world to me. #Love

-Dominique Spencer

Principal Photography for “James Christopher’s” [Clean Slate] is wrapped!

ImagePrincipalΒ photography is officially wrapped for James Christopher’s crime/thriller short film “Clean Slate”. In the film ill be playing one of starring roles in the film as “Derrick Stevens”.Β 1st I want to give huge thanks to my bro and crazy talented actor Ronald Benson for mentioning me to our director and then my director for believing in me to deliver.Β Much love to the cast and an outstanding crew! As an actor you have expectations of how a set should be ran and this crew definetly was on their ps&qs. Everything seemed right and I learned so much from everyone.Β Keep an eye out for stills and info. On the film.

Blessed and thankfulΒ -Dominique


Screenshots from Anthony Harper’s SAG Short Drama film [Jump]


Hello everyone,

Real quick guys, above we have some screenshots from filmmaker Anthony Harper’s SAG Short drama film [Jump] starring: Gordon Timothy, Antoinette Green Fischer, Caleb JacksonCourtney Fergusson, myself, and Kameron J. Brown. The film is currently in post-production. So…. as always #StayTuned for updates and enjoy!


Photo Stills of “Dominique Spencer” for David LaGarde’s Drama short film [Grace]

Hello everyone,

Below are select photo stills of myself(and some of the cast and crew as well) during principal photography of David LaGarde’s Drama short film [Grace] starring Ronald Benson (Carl) And Cheyenne Cummings in the title role (Grace). 2 very extremely talented actors and just downright good people. Twas my pleasure to be amongst such professionals within the craft. I had  great time working with both of them and would love to share the screen with either one of them again in my career in film/television. The photos were taken by none other than Ms. Gwen Cummings for GCPhotos. In the film I play the lead antagonist in the role of “The Shooter”. From what I have been hearing the film(as a whole, directing/editing/acting/etc) has been received very, VERY well, and tho I missed the 1st screening more are planned! When screening dates are upon us, I will be sure to let you guys know in case your in the area, and want to see a fantastic film πŸ™‚ Just cant thank my director David and my producer Becky enough for believing in me, as well as my fellow castmates: Ronald, Cheyenne, William, and Patrick – you all were just fantastic, it was truly my pleasure! Well here are some stills! #Enjoy and as always #StayTuned


Come Out to Play Poster/DVD Jacket/ and Flyer for the 2012 Stevenson University Senior Showcase

Hello everyone,

Been awhile since my last update via blog but if you would like the link to my Actor Page via facebook at: you could get updates from me faster(takes a little bit of time to blog folks) πŸ™‚ But on May 2nd, the good folks at Stevenson University held the 2012 Senior Showcase in which 11 films were screened(which has a very nice theater I must say, VERY NICE). All of the films were great in their respective fields(some heartfelt and some just down right hilarious) and it was a great night of film to be apart. A huge thank you to everyone who came out that night including family and friends of the cast/crew for the 11 films and my fellow friends and family(SharkNation) as well. Thank you for your time, I cant ask for more from you as an actor :)! And I am thankful.

But here are the poster & DVD jacket for Mark Bridge and Samantha Southern’s suspense/thriller short film [Come Out to Play]! Also the flyer for the evening can be seen below as well πŸ™‚ Another huge thank you to the cast/crew for allowing me to be apart of this great production πŸ™‚ From the directing/the production management/editing/acting etc., grade “A” just excellent!


As always #StayTuned and Enjoy!