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Latest news regarding Anthony Greene’s feature length Crime-Thriller “Thick”

Thick Theatrical Poster
Hey guys
I really gotta make updating this a priority BUT I am here to play catchup. Now the last time we spoke, Anthony Greene’sTHICK” had already screened I believe twice … BUT here is some news for you … THICK since then has screened 2 more times! Again in Washington, D.C at Busboys and Poets (dope ass spot) and we brought it to screen in my hometown, Baltimore, M.D at the Landmark Theater, downtown HarborEast! It was a sold-out crowd in DC & and a sizable one at the Baltimore screening!
“Busboys and Poets
Busboys and Poets
Thick Photo BusBoys
“Landmark Theater”
Landmark Theater

As far as whats next for “THICK” … you’ll just have to stay tuned ! But as always thank you everyone for your time and support on this fantastic production. I have attended every screening for the film and the response has been phenomenal! We cannot thank you enough!

And if you haven’t seen the trailer you can check it out below. In the film I play the role of “Marcel”. Also check out the “Skyrocket Productions” film page for updates pertaining to “THICK” and other productions out of their camp .

THICK Trailer 2014

The Webseries “When Life Gives You Lemons” Official KickStarter Campaign is Up and Running !

Hello everyone,
Above you can watch the Official Kickstarter campaign video for Don Barzegelli’s Webseries: When Life Gives You Lemons ! In this video you can see our vision for the series, whos involved, and what we need from you guys !

Here is a quick synopsis of the series:

This tale will take audience members on a comedic, action-packed adventure with Lou, Zip and various other “characters” met along the way. When Life gives you lemons follows the uncanny lives of two fellas dealing Lemonade, Lou and Zip. After the Local Drug Kingpin leaves on business Lou must fill his shoes, and watch this kingpin’s block.Lou reacquaints himself with the grungy, grimy dangerous game of hustling lemonade and faces everyday problems similar to that of the modern day drug cartel. Lou is suddenly plunged into a world of conflicts from the dilemma of being controlled by a powerful hierarchy, to chasing down his boss’s schizo sister. Meanwhile Zip’s devastating past as an addict constantly haunts him, as he struggles to adapt to this new environment; and to top it off an elite group of Federal gun yielding FDA agents start to track the cartel’s every move, and will stop at nothing to end this Sinister Syndicate! In the series I will be playing in the recurring role of “Eric”.

** This project contains mild violence, suggestive sexual content, suggestive drug use, and mild language. **

For more information regarding this webseries PLEASE visit the link to the series’ Kickstarter page at: Here you can see EVERYTHING ! We REALLY NEED YOUR HELP GUYS TO GET THIS SERIES UP AND RUNNING ! Thank you for your time guys !

You can also check out the teaser trailer for the series below as well:

“When Life Gives You Lemons” Teaser Trailer

Dominique Antonio Spencer

*IMDb ALERT: Mark Bridge and Samantha Southern’s short suspense/thriller film [Come Out To Play] is now on IMDb



Hello everyone,

Im proud to announce that Mark Bridge and Samantha Southern’s short suspense/thriller film [Come Out To Play] is now on IMDb! You can visit the page at this link: Again, it was my pleasure to work with such a hardworking/professional/ & dedicated group of folks who wanted to make a fantastic film! And Id be lying to you if I sat here and said to you that that goal was not accomplished! Again congratulations to everyone involved!

Quick note: Mark, your page is being edited as we speak. I first submitted you under the wrong “Mark Bridge” but I have since corrected the issue and your IMDb page is in the process of being created. If you do not see your name on the cast crew page it is more than likely because I was not able to post your position prior to the page being approved via submission. When I get home I will submit your film to IMDb for approval.

Again the link to the film’s page can be found here at:

As always #StayTuned and #Enjoy! 

Come Out to Play Poster/DVD Jacket/ and Flyer for the 2012 Stevenson University Senior Showcase

Hello everyone,

Been awhile since my last update via blog but if you would like the link to my Actor Page via facebook at: you could get updates from me faster(takes a little bit of time to blog folks) πŸ™‚ But on May 2nd, the good folks at Stevenson University held the 2012 Senior Showcase in which 11 films were screened(which has a very nice theater I must say, VERY NICE). All of the films were great in their respective fields(some heartfelt and some just down right hilarious) and it was a great night of film to be apart. A huge thank you to everyone who came out that night including family and friends of the cast/crew for the 11 films and my fellow friends and family(SharkNation) as well. Thank you for your time, I cant ask for more from you as an actor :)! And I am thankful.

But here are the poster & DVD jacket for Mark Bridge and Samantha Southern’s suspense/thriller short film [Come Out to Play]! Also the flyer for the evening can be seen below as well πŸ™‚ Another huge thank you to the cast/crew for allowing me to be apart of this great production πŸ™‚ From the directing/the production management/editing/acting etc., grade “A” just excellent!


As always #StayTuned and Enjoy!

Teaser trailer for Mark Bridge’s Suspense Short Film [Come Out To Play]

<p>Come Out to Play Teaser Trailer from Mark Bridge on Vimeo.</p>

Hello everyone,

Above is the teaser trailer for Mark Bridge’s Suspense Short Film [Come Out To Play]! The film stars Ben Tschirgi and myself. Ben plays the role of “Jacy”. And I’ll be playing the role of “Allard”. The film will screen May 2nd at 7p.m at Stevenson University’s Greenspring Campus theater. I believe admission will be free but please allow me to check on that, lol. I hope you all enjoy this teaser trailer as much as I did! If you plan to attend please let me know so we can get some candids. This film has an excellent crew along with a very talented cast! It was my pleasure to work alongside each and everyone of them. YOU (Mark, Sam, Katie, Caitlin, Colin, Billy, Adam, Lucas, Zak, KC, Corrine, and Ben) are all awesome, thank you! For updates regarding this film visit our website(via tumblr)/twitter/facebook film page. As always #StayTuned and Enjoy.



Facebook Film Page


Screening date for Mark Bridge’s Suspense Short film [Come Out To Play]

Hello everyone,
The screening date for Mark Bridge’s suspense Short film [Come Out To Play] will be May 2nd at 7pm. In the film I’ll be playing the role of “Allard”. At Stevenson University’s Greenspring Campus in the theater!

The film has a hell of a cast/crew attached to it! I had such a wonderful time acting and learning amongst them and I cant thank them(my cast/crew) and Stevenson University enough for making this film possible πŸ™‚

If you can make the screening please let me know πŸ™‚

Hope to see you there! As always #StayTuned


Candids with 97% of the Cast/Crew for the Suspense short film [Come Out To Play]


Hello everyone,

Here is the link to the official Facebook FanPage for the Suspense short film [Come Out To Play]: >> Like the Page Please! πŸ™‚

Here is the link to the official Twitter Page for the Suspense short film [Come Out To Play]:!/COTPFilm Follow us Please! πŸ™‚

Now that business is taken care of πŸ™‚

 On Day 3 of filming after wrapping principal photography for the short Suspense film [Come Out To Play] I took some candids with my Samsung Galaxy II Skyrocket’s front facing camera with 97% of the cast/crew (I think, lol)! I figured Id mine as well get some candids in there! I had soooo much fun with such a talented group of people!! Various expressions were made in the photos for not reason in particular whatsoever so please #DJM! Thank you for your time and as always #StayTuned and #Enjoy!