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#FestivalUpdates: Untitled: the Series

Puprle Shamrock Media

Hello and goodevening everyone ,
I am proud to announce that the webseries #UntitledtheSeries, brought to you by the ladies at Purple Shamrock Media has been accepted into the “Houston Comedy Fest” (February), The “LA Web Fest” (March), and will also screen at the Women in Film Festival in Baltimore in March as well! We are still awaiting answers from other festivals as well. In the series I play the role of “Shawn”.

All I can ask is that you wish us luck as we keep trekking forward on our journey! If you havent seen any of the episodes of the webseries yet, you can do so here at the production company’s youtube page at:

Be sure to check the official Facebook page for Purple Shamrock Media at: as well as my blog at: for updates regarding this production !

Thanks guy for your time and support !

Untitled The Film?

Puprle Shamrock Media

Hello everyone!
Here, from the creative minds at “Purple Shamrock Media” is the webisode “Untitled The Series?” presented as it was shot “as a Film” in its entiety! If you havent watched it as a webseries, please do so in as a film πŸ™‚ Always, if you like it leave a comment, if not then thats fine too! I had so much fun working on set with the cast/crew!! As always, #StayTuned for updates regarding this production! Subscribe to the Purple Shamrock Media Youtube Page at: And alsop follow Actor Dominique Spencer via my Official Facebook Fan Page at: OH YEAH, ENJOY ! =)

Cassia Rainne: Vi
Deirdre McCullagh: Alex
Dominique Spencer: Shawn
Smyth Michaels: Seth
Susannah Foos: Cara
Madison Perna: Jessica
Joe Barlam: Crew Member
Laura Chaneski: Anne
Mercedez Diaz: Makeup Artist
Heather Drew: Justice
Jamil Gaines: DJ Whodini
Matt Grant: Director of Photography
Blair Adair Griffith: Britney
Jason Heffner: Jacob
Kealani Marie: Kim
Hezee Masters: James
Jeni Miller: Katlyn
Chris Murray: Sound Guy
Melissa O’Donnell: Abby
Connor Zilinskas: Charles
Stosh Zona: Director

And with that I present to you Untitled The Film?

Dominique Antonio Spencer

Untitled: The Series? Episode 5: The Plan

Puprle Shamrock Media

Hello everyone!
From the creative minds of Purple Shamrock Media; Here is episode 5 of the webseries β€œUntitled: The Series?” In the series you can see me playing the role of β€œShawn”! I hope you like it and #staytuned for me episodes to come! Also be sure to check out my ActorsPage via Facebook at: And #subscribe to the Purple Shamrock Media Youtube page at: OH yeah ENJOY !

Deidre McCullagh: Alex
Cassia Raine: Vi
Dominique Spencer: Shawn
Smyth Michaels: Seth
Jason Heffner: Jacob
Heather Drew: Justice
Jamil Gaines: DJ Houdini
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