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On set photos from DAY 3 of the Independent Suspense film [Come Out To Play]


Hello everyone,

Here are on-set photos from day 3 of filming for the Independent Suspense film [Come Out To Play]. The film since then has now wrapped principal photography and is now officially in post-production. I had so much fun working with such professional, friendly, and just outright talented individuals in their respective departments within the film! Everyday on set was structured, organized from point A to Z and not to mention holding was stacked with tasty snacks and dinners was always given everynight on set as well. All of my expectations were met and then were taken to the next level. I honestly have to say that I was blessed with an excellent opportunity and I am thankful to have been cast in the role of “Allard”. And to my fellow lead in the film “Ben”, “Jacy” in th film who was spot-on with his performance! Im not sure if acting is a lane he wants to pursue but if it isnt Im glad I got to share the screen with him in this film! And to both of my directors, especially Samantha Southern, who was on my ass since the audition but I know she was so critical of my performance she knew that I could deliver a memorable performance in the role, and I know we both can say that we acheived our goals both as a director & as an actor, thank you for being so demanding! I have nothing but praise to give to everyone who was apart of this film cast/crew, I cant stress that enough! I CANT STRESS THAT ENOUGH! – Thank you so much for this opportunity and believing in me πŸ™‚

(All photos were taken by on set photographer KC WHITE)

You go onto film sets with certain expectations(me personally): to be treated with respect, to be fed, to receive a copy of the film when its done, etc. But not to make lifelong friends, and I can honestly say that I was lucky enough to have done so. As always #StayTuned for updates on this film and #Enjoy


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